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Music Business #4

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DMCA Helps YouTube Underpay Music Industry Up To $1 Billion A Year, Claims New Study – “Digital Millennium Copyright Act safe harbor protections and lower than industry standard royalty rates allow YouTube to underpay musicians, songwriters, label and other rights holders between $650 million and $1 billion a year, according to a new analysis.”

Hypercreators Own The Music Industry & You Need To Become One – “why musicians should now work to make as much quality music as often as they can in order to achieve success in an industry where music creation is cheaper and easier than ever before.”

This Trial Will Determine Songwriters’ Income Over the Next 5 Years – “Big news in the world of mechanical royalties, the Copyright Royalty Board is opening up hearings to set a new mechanical royalty rate. The board will hear from both music creators and users as it makes a determination which will be in effect for the next five years.”

A New Strategy For Releasing Music – “As the music industry continues to change, so too must the strategy for releasing music. With the single once again more important than the album, artists and labels both big and small are having to reevaluate when to make their material available, and in what capacity.”

6 Tips To Improve Your YouTube Video Search Results – “Videos on any platform can be used as an effective marketing tool, but you must observe some essential SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, techniques for that to happen. Before you go live on a video, here are 5 tips that will improve its search results”

Can A Hit Be Predicted By An Algorithm? – “We like to think that everything about music is built around the tastes of the people that are both creating and listening to it, but that outlook seems to be increasingly out of step with reality. Artificial intelligence is being used more and more for all sorts of things that control our lives, so why shouldn’t what we listen to not be one of them?”


What would Brexit mean for the UK Music Biz? – “what Britain leaving the EU would mean for the UK’s music industry: absolutely nothing.”

Amazon introduces new live music and entertainment experiences for Prime members – “Amazon has announced that Prime members in the UK now have exclusive access to purchase tickets for luxury Amazon lounges, premium seating and pre-sales for concerts and entertainment shows available on Amazon Tickets.”

Music Business #3


The Power Pyramid – “The Promoter / The Agent / Record label”

101 Techniques For Breaking Into The Music Industry – “Breaking into the music industry is no easy task, but like anything there are better and worse ways of doing it. Here we look at over a hundred tips for getting your foot in the door of the music business, plus hear from some of the industry’s biggest names.”

The Music Industry is more innovative than it thinks! – “The music business should be prouder of its pioneering spirit, argues TheLynk’s founder, former head of digital at EMI and Warner Music France.”

Deezer talks artist marketing, Metallica and going ‘beyond the playlist’ – “From Pandora’s Artist Marketing Platform (AMP) to Spotify’s efforts with superfan emails, artist marketing is becoming an important part of music-streaming services’ partnerships with the music industry.”

A Guide to Roles in the Music Industry – “Building your team as an artist can be incredibly overwhelming – especially when roles in the music industry are so loosely defined and everyone does a bit of everything. Still, there are some hard and fast rules about which team members do what. To get you started, I’ve compiled all that research into one, handy mini-field guide. Happy team building!”

Why the Grammys have so many categories – “The logic behind the awards’ 84 different honors, explained”

Breaking a band in 2017: ‘1m streams on Spotify is not enough’ – “Breaking new artists is the lifeblood of labels, and independent labels are often the wildcatters of the industry, uncovering cutting-edge genres and artists and being the first to bring them to a wider audience.”

Music teams from YouTube and Google Play combine – “According to several sources familiar with the change, the product teams working on YouTube Music and Google Play Music are being combined into a single unit.”