Music Business #5


New Definition Of “A BIG Hit” Is 2 Billions Streams – “In fact, today a song with a million streams doesn’t really get you on the industry’s radar – you need at least 10 million for that. A very minor hit now comes in at around 50 million. Real hits start at around 100 million, but most blockbusters are in excess of 500 million. Of course an elite few reach a billion, and some of them now go to 2 billion and beyond.”

FAKE HITS: Millions Of Streams vs. A True Fan Connection – “You could have a hit on SoundCloud, have millions of plays, expose yourself to an audience bigger than any radio station or TV show, and it have precisely zero impact on the rest of your career and business. And, in the heyday of SoundCloud, you’d earn absolutely nothing from it.”

Reading A Record Deal: A How To Guide –  “Being offered a record deal can be a huge game changer, and is an exciting step in the development of your musical career, but while it may be a time for celebration, it is also a time for close and thorough scrutiny of the contract which is offered up. Remember that, though most things are negotiable depending on your leverage, what you should ask for in your deal is a decision you should make after careful consideration, preferably in consultation with an entertainment attorney.”

How To Write An Effective Musician’s Bio – “As an artist, writing a bio for yourself can be a difficult task. As difficult as writing is, writing about yourself can be even harder, but an effective bio is key to communicating to the world why they should care about you and your music.”

How To Market To Your Core Fans – “Cultivating and caring for your core fans is one of the key aspects of maintaining lively and profitable fan base. Your core audience fans are your most passionate fans. They’ll buy whatever you have to sell, work for free, recruit other fans, and basically do anything you ask. All they want is access to and communication with the artist.”