Music Business #3


The Power Pyramid – “The Promoter / The Agent / Record label”

101 Techniques For Breaking Into The Music Industry – “Breaking into the music industry is no easy task, but like anything there are better and worse ways of doing it. Here we look at over a hundred tips for getting your foot in the door of the music business, plus hear from some of the industry’s biggest names.”

The Music Industry is more innovative than it thinks! – “The music business should be prouder of its pioneering spirit, argues TheLynk’s founder, former head of digital at EMI and Warner Music France.”

Deezer talks artist marketing, Metallica and going ‘beyond the playlist’ – “From Pandora’s Artist Marketing Platform (AMP) to Spotify’s efforts with superfan emails, artist marketing is becoming an important part of music-streaming services’ partnerships with the music industry.”

A Guide to Roles in the Music Industry – “Building your team as an artist can be incredibly overwhelming – especially when roles in the music industry are so loosely defined and everyone does a bit of everything. Still, there are some hard and fast rules about which team members do what. To get you started, I’ve compiled all that research into one, handy mini-field guide. Happy team building!”

Why the Grammys have so many categories – “The logic behind the awards’ 84 different honors, explained”

Breaking a band in 2017: ‘1m streams on Spotify is not enough’ – “Breaking new artists is the lifeblood of labels, and independent labels are often the wildcatters of the industry, uncovering cutting-edge genres and artists and being the first to bring them to a wider audience.”

Music teams from YouTube and Google Play combine – “According to several sources familiar with the change, the product teams working on YouTube Music and Google Play Music are being combined into a single unit.”