Music Business #1

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Modern Marketing“Not everybody can make it in music, not even the talented. Under the best of circumstances there are dead ends and dashed hopes. The goal is to stay in the game long enough to succeed. You put in your hours, you get better, you step up to bat and you make your own luck.”

World Domination“But the truth is we’re only interested in great. It’s a world of 9’s and 10’s only. Sure, you might be able to gain an audience for a 7 or 8, but you can’t grow it significantly, because people are overwhelmed, they don’t have time for mediocre.

7 Holiday Music Promotion Tips To Engage Your Fanbase

Plasticity – “Each of us is capable of just a little more. A little more patience, a little more insight, a little more generosity. And if you can do a little more, then, of course, you can repeat those changes until you’ve done a lot more.

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